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Fall 2019


Master of Science (MS)


Geography & Anthropology

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This thesis investigates geography education curricular changes throughout history. The specific research objectives include: (1) the review of literature in geography education and the discipline at large; (2) analysis of the effects that social and educational changes had on geography education; and (3) critical synthesis of primary and secondary sources. Chapter one outlines the statement of the problem, research questions, and theoretical framework. Chapter two investigates the historical social and educational underpinnings that affected U.S. geography education between 1776 and 2000. Chapter three outlines the specific challenges and curricular changes that geography education went through, with regards to historical events. Chapter four identifies the major university and scholars that contributed to geography education. Chapter five concludes that social and educational demands affected the development and the types of curricular changes that occurred in geography education.

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Kent Mathewson



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