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Summer 2019


Master of Arts (MA)



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During the 1520s and 1530s England endured a tumultuous time of drastic political change and religious reform. At the heart of it all was Anne Boleyn, whose relationship with King Henry VIII launched the English Reformation and the Royal Supremacy, and whose tragic end became a story passed down through the current day. This work examines Anne’s life, particularly her religion and influence in politics, and the figures who shone and dimmed as she came to power and once she lost everything. Some of the most significant of these figures include Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, Hugh Latimer, and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. Other members of both Anne and Henry’s family are also examined, as their roles and the impact Anne and her relationship with the king had on them are also important parts of what makes Henry VIII’s reign so fascinating and transformative, with after effects that are still part of England today.

Committee Chair

Stater, Victor