Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

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Today, water-related disasters, including hurricanes, flood, and stormwater surge, are occurring more frequently than in the past due to extreme weather brought by climate change all over the world. In August 2016, Baton Rouge had a historic heavy rain which brought flood and negative economic impacts specifically on the north Baton Rouge area. To mitigate the negative impact of future flooding, in Monte Sano Park and its neighborhoods in north Baton Rouge, it would be helpful to implement green infrastructure which utilizes natural infiltration process of soils and plants to slow, store, and treat the stormwater as well as enhances community well-being by creating open spaces. To figure out issues on site and to determine emphasis in the site, the thesis addresses site survey and site analysis at four different scales including East Baton Rouge Parish, Monte Sano Bayou watershed scale, Monte Sano Park scale, and the design focus site scale. The site analysis at the site scale including water quality and quantity survey, existing plant and wildlife, and soil survey reveals the site-specific issues and opportunities. Based on the analysis, the study proposes site design by utilizing the site potential. The design implements green infrastructure in the site to mitigate negative impact and to enhance community well-being.

Committee Chair

Bruce G. Sharky