Semester of Graduation

Spring 2019


Master of Arts (MA)


Geography and Anthropology

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Sexual dimorphism can be quantified in human mandibular canines; therefore, these teeth can be used to estimate sex of skeletonized individuals. This study complements and expands previous research by comparing mesiodistal diameter (MD), buccolingual diameter (BL), and crown area of human mandibular canines. Measurements were taken from a sample of skeletal individuals from the Terry Collection (n=677), the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Skeletal Collection (n=86), and a random sample of dental casts from the James K. Economides Orthodontic Case File (JKE, n=624), for a total study sample of 741 males and 677 females. Both left and right canines were measured, but statistics were conducted on each side separately to avoid double counting individuals.

Using Student’s t-test, a significant difference was seen between males and females for left and right BL measurements (p

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Listi, Ginesse



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