Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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TAKING (birth) CONTROL is a body of work that educates women on their options for contraceptives, and empowers them to claim their right to choose if—and when—to have a child. Utilizing graphic design and letterpress printing processes, I created a visual system consisting of carefully honed typographic, color, and graphic styles. The bulk of the materials make up an educational toolkit for use at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, one of only three remaining abortion providers in Louisiana. Delta Clinic was in need of comprehensive and affordable materials for their patients on the subject of contraception. The toolkit consists of printed resources, a large format poster for display in the clinic, info cards and a pocket guide to be taken home with patients, and a set of playing cards to spark interaction between patients as they wait. Supplemental material in this body of work consists of handmade printed materials for use in political advocacy and fundraising efforts for local nonprofits which support reproductive justice in Louisiana. The culmination of the work will be displayed in an exhibition at Louisiana State University’s Glassell Gallery, and the educational toolkit will be used within Delta Clinic, with the possibility of wider distribution.



Committee Chair

Barr, Courtney