Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Electrical Engineering

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Today’s bulk power system is massive, complex, and very dynamic. The U.S. power grid spans from coast to coast and even as far reaching as Canada. With the addition of new technologies such as renewable energies and power electronics to aid in power conversion and control, the power system grows more complex by the day. The most common approach of analyzing power system stability is through computer modeling and simulation. Due to the vast size and inaccessibility of transmission systems, real time testing can prove difficult. The motivation of this project was to design, simulate, and construct an IEEE 14 bus power system for future use in a lab setting to test, in real time, novel control techniques for various forms of generation and their impacts on the stability of the grid. This thesis presents the theory used to design and construct an IEEE 14-bus power system. A comparison of results from modeling and simulation with actual lab data obtained from the constructed test set up.



Committee Chair

Trahan, Jerry