Semester of Graduation

Fall 2018


Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (MSPE)


Craft and Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering

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This research is focused on studying reservoir “N” in the Yarega heavy oilfield (YHOF) for development strategies and production optimization. YHOF is a naturally fractured heavy oil field where only very recently SAGD technology has been introduced. The motivation for this research is derived from the fact that SAGD employed in this field has so far resulted in early steam breakthrough leading to producer abandonment and new drilling, thus increasing costs. This study explores numerically different static and dynamic reservoir characterization models (single porosity versus dual porosity systems), and subsequent pressure-production history matched reservoir simulation for understanding heat and mass transfer mechanisms. Thereafter, different drilling and production scenarios are tested for candidate selection for the highest recovery and production optimization.

Results from the 3 dimensional sector model suggest that while all effective development technologies in this reservoir should be based on thermal methods of oil recovery, cyclic steam injection inhibited early breakthrough and thus can eliminate or reduce risk for well abandonment from the same cause. Based on results from this research, we however recommend the testing of a fishtail well development plan with cyclic steam injection that includes a 10-day steam injection, 10-day soaking period, and 10-day production period. In comparison to continuous steam injection recovery (4.5% over three years), we anticipate a 7% recovery from this technology implementation and testing.



Committee Chair

Gupta, Ipsita