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Spring 2018


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Symphony No.1, created on December 10, 2017. It was finally completed on February 1, 2018. This is a music representation of the environment using music. The composer of this symphony believes that at present it is a world of diversity, many different environmental factors and many different music senses and imagination are different. We can’t just stick to traditional music research and modern music research. The author of this music thinks that should complement each other and merge them totally different music materials, representing the three different styles of music materials, representing the three different styles of modern, national and classical.

This work is inspired by the winter, and it is divided into three movements. Each movement describes the feeling of the environment, things and the abstract feeling of a certain time period.

About Symphony No.1, the melody uses the national color factor. The harmony is divided into dissonance intervals and consonants intervals. According to the study of modern music and classical music, the composer also makes a static comparison in the rhythm in his music work.

The first movement, the theme and motivation of the first movement in this symphony is paramount. The beginning of the music is fluency by the flute. First of all, on the design and layout of the motif flute part, I divided it into time values and voice. Subsequently, the other parts of the woodwind began to gradually motivate the theme. With regard to strings, in the first half, in the light background, the overall feeling of music is like the kind of scene before dawn. A piece of land, a mountain, they are so quiet and peace.

The second movement, the strong sound started the movement, and as a grouping arrangement, the flute and clarinet were a group, the oboe and the bassoon were a group. This design is to highlight their tone, but also to make a contrast between the tone. In this movement, brass appears to strengthen the overall momentum. It's like a powerful force moving forward. In addition, strings have also changed a great deal in strength and tempo. Through the overall cooperation, this movement expresses the struggling picture of people in the cold air and is a strong manifestation of the feeling of the soul.

The third movement, there was a whole new theme motivation in the last movement. The overall feeling is very flexible, beating big. It is also from the cautious, worried to the release and show the feeling of dance. Importantly, percussion plays the single most important role in this movement. Therefore, the weather is very cold, but people's heart is very hot. That cheerful mood defeated the cold.



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