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The purpose of this study was to understand the factors and/or constructs that influence intent to pursue entrepreneurship. The study of entrepreneurship as a theoretical framework has increased significantly over the past two decades. Many undergraduate and graduate programs now have courses, majors, and minors dedicated to entrepreneurship education. Therefore, it is critical to understand what influences one to pursue entrepreneurship so that the most effective concepts can be taught. Eight major constructs were presented in this study to test their influence both directly and indirectly on intent: perceived desirability, perceived feasibility, subjective norm, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, prior exposure to entrepreneurship, future family commitments, future unemployment, and creativity. Responses were collected via an online survey from 120 students with majors in textiles, apparel design, and merchandising. Of the responses received, 102 were deemed usable. Exploratory factory analysis was used to test the significance of the data. Perceived desirability and perceived feasibility were shown to have a direct influence on intent. All other factors were tested to see if they impacted desirability and/or feasibility. Only subjective norm was found to effect both perceived desirability and perceived feasibility. Significance was also found between perceived feasibility and entrepreneurial self-efficacy and future unemployment. No correlation was found between perceived desirability and/or perceived feasibility and prior exposure to entrepreneurship, future family commitments, or creativity. The results strengthen previous literature on the major factors that influence entrepreneurial intent. Future research should focus on surveying students mid and post degree to gage intent to pursue self-employment.



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