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This study utilizes content analysis to evaluate three United States High School World History textbook’s coverage of the Middle East since 1945 in order to determine if an authentic global approach to history is being utilized. This was determined by analyzing the amount of coverage that was dedicated to the Middle East, the focus of the narrative, and the portrayal of the Middle East. Analysis of the narrative content of the texts showed that coverage of the Middle East overall did not receive an equitable representation in comparison to other regions. The focus of this coverage centered on defining the Middle East, conflict and crisis in the Middle East, the Middle East as a resource, and the Middle East as viewed by the United States. As a result of the utilization of these themes within the text, textbooks provide the reader with a biased and incomplete view of the Middle East. As a result, it is necessary to consider other narratives and perspectives such as development in the region, the Middle East from the point of view of its people, and similarities to the rest of the world when teaching the Middle East in order to provide a more global perspective.



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