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Sometimes one is unaware of one thing: a rule, a boundary, a difference — all of which we cannot see with our eyes, but learning certainly present. When one rcognizes the reality of it, decisions are made. Those decisions shape the world as we know it. “Beyond the Lines” is an exploratory project that aims to increase one’s awareness and reveal that humans are whole beings that can surpass barriers that life places in front of them. This thesis explores human connections and separations, by using the concept of dots and lines, in ways both literally and metaphorical. Through visual investigations I will explain how these lines are developed and how the development of these lines affects our society. I use fundamental visual elements – specifically, dots and lines – to express an in-depth concept through a simple visual language. Through my exploration dots and lines are the basic foundation of our everyday life and environment – both literally and metaphorically. In today’s society, we are all part of a great struggle created by lines of separation. These lines include racism, sexism, gender roles, homophobia, religion, and so on – which are all widely known as concepts that cause a great and unfortunate divide between us and our own neighbors. However, not every line drawn has a negative effect and some actually work to bring groups of people together, such as our cultures. It is very important to me that the viewer can be visually engaged in my work and has the opportunity to interact with it as well. My exploration is constructed from a wide framework of various media and formats such as video, a large-scale poster series, and book design to involve and create a rapport with my audience.



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