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This qualitative study was an investigation of the career journeys of two elementary music teachers employed in a large urban district. The study also examined the job changing experiences of eight other elementary music teachers in the same district. Perceived employment considerations (factors that are weighed when considering working at one school over another), and the detailed employment experiences of two of these teachers, were explored in order to better understand teacher mobility and attrition. An open ended electronic questionnaire was sent to all 28 elementary music teachers employed by the district. Two teachers were later purposefully sampled from the questionnaire participant group to participate in a multiple case study. These two teachers described their experiences when changing jobs, teaching in various schools, and contemplating working at one school over another. Questionnaire data were used to provide additional insight into the phenomenon and inform the multiple case study. Findings represent an amalgamation of both questionnaire and case study participants’ perceptions of their employment history, and preferences for employment conditions which have been constructed throughout their careers. Salient themes extracted from questionnaire and case study participants’ described experiences and employment preferences included: (a) personal considerations, (b) school atmosphere, (c) support, (d) student opportunities, and (e) choice.



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