The Infundibula: A Novel




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This text comprises excerpts from a novel entitled The Infundibula. The novel is told in a series of episodes by turns tragic and farcical, charting the adventures of an English professor named Lighthead — from his days as an idealistic U-Miami graduate student in love with a masked drug dealer to his tenure leading motorcycle-riding vigilantes in a fight to save Louisiana from its rogue governor to his drunken twilight years telling tall tales at a priest-owned bar. One half of the plot concerns Lighthead’s struggles as a disillusioned literature professor at the fictional Bayou University in mid-80’s Louisiana. His tenure coincides with the rise of a psychopathic politician bent on dismantling the state government, providing Lighthead the opportunity to live up to his ideals by recruiting a ragtag group of anarchists and leading them into battle. The other half of the plot, taking place in the 2000s, shows Lighthead 20 years later as an aging drunk in a bar back home in Miami. When the brothers who run the fried chicken restaurant next door to the bar begin a small-scale war to wrest control of the bar from its owner, Lighthead attempts to relive his glory days by once again battling the forces of (admittedly smaller-scale) evil. Between these antipoles of the story extend a far-flung array of backstories and episodes all contributing to the book’s climax in which, as detailed on the first page, the bar explodes, killing most of the people inside.



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