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This thesis essay chronicles the writing, production, and performance of the one-person play: Habitat Five: The Children’s Crusade performed in the LSU Studio Theatre January 19th and 20th, 2013, as a member of the M.F.A. Class of 2013 Thesis Showcase series. The assignment was to create a 20 to 40 minute solo-performance piece that highlights the actor’s individual strengths. Habitat Five: The Children’s Crusade takes the audience on a journey through the trials of a young human zoo exhibit, Adara, as she is prepared by her guardians to enter the “wilds” of Earth. The play is written to be a social commentary on the way Americans rear their children without crucial knowledge, social skills, a creative culture, or experience of the greater world. Habitat Five portrays zookeepers following a strict, American-modeled training program, for their wards. The audience watches key moments of one young female ward, Adara, as she transitions from childhood to adulthood, with great emphasis on her experience of “Prom.” This essay discusses initial concept ideas, development of the script, technical aspects, rehearsals, and the performance of the play. It delves into the author’s perspective as a performance artist and her concerns about Americans’ lack of “connection” as growing isolation, consumerism, and media stifle quality of life.



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