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The purpose of this study is to stimulate the dissemination of Brazilian choral repertoire, especially the pieces from the series Brazilian Music for Youth Choir by FUNARTE, and provide accurate interpretative information for authentic performance and effective teaching. Musical and pedagogical analyses of three of the pieces from the series by FUNARTE (2009) were done as means to the purpose of the study. In addition, ethnographic interview were held with the composers of each of those pieces, Paulo Malaguti, Leandro Maia, and Caio Senna, and the technical-pedagogical coordinator of the series, Eduardo Lakschevitz. Through the interviews with the composers it was possible to identify musical and pedagogical approaches relevant to accurate performance of Brazilian choral music, as well as to raise the discussion about authenticity in Brazilian music, which seemed to be a taboo among Brazilian musicians. The interview with the technical-pedagogical coordinator helped to understand the purpose of FUNARTE and the Choral Project. This study found that choral music in Brazil is a multifaceted phenomenon that does not fit the categories folk, popular, or classical music alone; so, it can be considered a style apart. The composers’ opinion about authenticity proves that it is flexible and that Brazilian musicians are open to new interpretations of Brazilian music. Complementary materials such as translation and IPA version of the pieces, and suggested reading and recording are provided to support music educators on an accurate and authentic performance of Brazilian choral repertoire.



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