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Technology makes buying faster, smarter, and more convenient for consumers, and supplies endless opportunities for impulse buying. Research of this topic examines influencers for impulsive online shopping, and marketing techniques used to encourage such actions. After a thorough literature review to identify important factors relating to impulsive purchases and to develop hypotheses, a survey is conducted to provide data on which the hypotheses can be tested. The survey is divided into four sections examining the effectiveness of online marketing techniques, shopping habits, Internet habits, and questions relating to a recent online impulse purchase. Theories to test include ones relating to customer service, customer impulsiveness, website personalization, time pressure created by websites, comparison shopping, and the flow of an Internet session. After the running of several regression analyses, the researcher finds the most significant factors for online impulse purchases are those that are important in offline retail outlets as well. Technology does not create impulse buyers, it provides impulsive consumers more resources to shop and the ability to complete transactions in a short amount of time, making those purchases truly a reaction to an impulse.



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