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During January and February of 2002, a group of 15 marinas on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain was surveyed to identify what environmental management practices they employed. The objectives of this study were to find out what was being done by these facilities in Louisiana, what these and other marina owners and operators could do to improve environmental conditions, and what recommendations could be made for future marina designers and operators. An additional objective was to suggest what role government could play in helping present and future marinas in implementing best management practices (BMPs). A questionnaire and evaluation form was developed, and the 15 marinas were visited. In addition, three large marinas in New Orleans were also visited and evaluated. While not included in the study group, it was felt several relevant comparisons could be made from information found at these three marinas. After the marinas were visited, the data was summarized and evaluated based on the 15 management measures covered in the questionnaire. Results ranged widely, generally depending on the size and type of marina. Based on the questions and observations made in the study, the North Shore marinas were generally found to not be as environmentally progressive as the New Orleans marinas, primarily due to differences in management ability and philosophy, and also to financing. As the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain continues to be the fastest growing area of Louisiana, existing and proposed marinas will come under increased public scrutiny and pressure to improve management practices. Marina owners and operators need assistance and guidelines to help them adopt and implement good management practices, and government must find ways to encourage and assist these businesses. Landscape architects and other designers can be an important part of this process and this thesis will help clarify their potential role.



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