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In this Thesis, I explore the role of the book as a medium for philosophy in Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida. I begin by framing the debate in terms of the role of media in affecting the message. I then claim that while both Deleuze and Derrida must attempt to separate their own work from the traditional role of the book, they both fail to take the book itself into consideration. I claim that both Deleuze and Derrida accept the book as medium which reinforces a particular form of thought, and that their philosophies require a break from this form. However, they do not take the medium of the book itself seriously. Deleuze is only concerned with the text within the book, and Derrida treats the book as a metaphor for total knowledge. Against both these thinkers I juxtapose the artist Keith Smith, who does offer examples of thinking in terms of the book itself, and how doing so can affect the text within, and thus thinking. The failure on the part of Deleuze and Derrida are particularly striking given the emphasis they place on the need to separate their philosophies from the modes of thought books traditionally enforce. Due to their understanding of the importance of the book in the tradition of philosophy, I claim this investigation of the specific use and ability of the book is of vital importance.



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