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Motor Vehicle fatalities per 100,000 population in the United States has been reported to be 10.69% in the year 2012 as per NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The fatality rate has increased by 0.27% in 2012 compared to the rate in the year 2011. As per the reports, there are many factors involved in increasing the fatality rate drastically such as driving under influence, testing while driving, and various other weather phenomena. Decision makers need to analyze the factors attributing to the increase in an accident rate to take implied measures. Current methods used to perform the data analysis process has to be reformed and optimized to make policies for controlling the high traffic accident rates. This research work is an extension to the data-mining algorithm implementation "Most Associated Sequential Pattern" (MASP). MASP uses association rule mining approach to mine interesting traffic accident data using a modified version of FP-growth algorithm. Owing to the huge amounts of available traffic accident data, MASP algorithm needs to be further modified to make it more efficient with respect to both space and time. Therefore, we present a parallel implementation to the MASP algorithm. In addition to this, pattern tree and apriori-tid algorithm implementation has been done. The application is designed in C# using .NET Framework and C# Task Parallel Library.



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Soysal, Omer