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An assembly line that procures raw materials from outside suppliers and processes the materials into finished products is considered in this research. An ordering policy is proposed for raw materials to meet the requirement of a production facility, which, in turn, must deliver finish products in a fixed quantity at a fixed time interval to the outside buyers. Two different types of raw materials, ‘unfinished’ and ‘ready-to-use’, are procured for the manufacturing system. The ‘unfinished raw materials’ are turned into ‘processed raw materials’ after preprocessing. In the assembly line, the ‘processed raw materials’ and the ‘ready raw materials’ are assembled to convert into the final products. A cost model is developed to aggregate the total costs of raw materials, Work-in-process, and finished goods inventory. Based on the product design and manufacturing requirement a relationship is established between the raw materials and the finished products at different stages of production. A non-linear integer-programming model is developed to determine the optimal ordering policies for procurement of raw materials, and shipment of assembly product, which ultimately minimize the total costs of the model. Numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the solution technique. Sensitivity analysis is performed to show the effects of the parameters on the total cost model. Future research direction is suggested for further improvement of the existing results.



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