My Brother, No Computer




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This master’s thesis explores the realities of living in a perpetually connected world and the heartbreaking outcomes that often come about as a result. Through 17-year-old Eric Whitney, outcasted senior at Reno High, we see the sincere pain caused by careless, behind-the-back spreading of truths, lies, and the destructive public commentary that accompanies both. Following the suicide of his best friend, a victim of chronic, tech-enabled bullying, Eric decides to ditch his devices altogether, opting instead to communicate with his lone remaining confidant, his protective older sister Morgan, through a series of handwritten letters. Over the course of several painful months, Eric paints a grim yet somewhat hopeful picture of the state of the contemporary teenage mind. Morgan, in turn, receives his honest accounts with an expectedly heavy heart, recognizing his subtle cries for help as a blatant call to action. Act she does, and the communications major at UC-Santa Barbara, under the guise of a class project, forges an online campaign to expose the misguided use of social media and ease her brother’s lingering pain. Sharing the novel’s namesake, Morgan’s online creation, My Brother, No Computer, through a cleverly constructed live event, draws the traffic of several divergent communities both on and offline, forcing them all to face the real consequences of their virtual actions, together.



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