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As coastal Louisiana's land loss problem continues to grow unabated, many different solutions have been proposed. One such solution is the concept of diverting fresh water and sediment from the river into the coastal wetlands. Louisiana State University has a Small Scale Physical Model (SSPM) for the study of the potential of such diversions; it is deisgned to study the bulk movement of sediment in the river and diversions. The model is a distorted scale model with a horizontal scale of 1:12,000 and a vertical scale of 1:500; this extreme distortion has brought into question the applicability of the model. The purpose of this study is to help determine to what extent SSPM experimental results can be considered quantitative, and what can be done with said results. This was done by testing the scaling and similarity laws by ensuring the model elevation data was correct, and by measuring and comparing river gradients, gaging station rating curves, and velocities at and below the surface. The measured gradients and Froude numbers show hat the SSPM adheres to the similarity criteria necessary for its intended purpose; i.e. to investigate the bulk 1D sediment transport over long time scales. Also, a 1D HEC-RAS model has been developed and calibrated for the study area. This model will be useful for studying the impacts of large-scale diversions on the river hydraulics and potential shoaling.



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