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In relation to the rest of the world, the track and field industry within the United States lacks interest from the public. The market makes a name for itself during the short period of time the sport is televised in the Olympic Games. This is a problem for the elite athletes who are considered professional but have little to show for this title. The current marketing strategies and distribution of wealth within the industry are ineffective and detrimental to the future success of the sport. We must point the finger at the governing powers and demand a change. I believe that this change comes in the form of innovation. We must find ways to innovate the sport in order to attract the attention of the public on a regular basis, which will result in added revenue and market growth. To do this, we have to cater the marketing efforts towards the experiences had by both athletes and fans of the sport. In my thesis, I address this issue knowing very well that innovation is key beforehand. The paper is outlined similar to what a marketing plan would look like in the business world. I begin with providing an understanding of innovation and how the process works. From there, I incorporate six important aspects to innovation that are required for success. With these tools on hand, I then produce a framework for identifying the need for innovation. This framework encompasses the problem, the industry, research efforts, creativity and risk measures, and finally the concluding remarks and recommendations from the information gathered. By combing data that shows financial instability, insight from elite athletes and the frustration from current fans of the sport, my study proves that innovation is a necessity. With that, I propose three recommendations based on level of effort and difficulty. The best-case scenario for innovation efforts involves the creation of a new competition stadium, the employment of enthusiastic and knowledgeable commentators, better standards for television coverage, and more organized funding for promotional aspects of the sport.



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