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The present study was designed to gain insight into student-athlete identity and self-efficacy. The study will discuss findings from a confirmatory analysis of the internal consistency reliability and validity of two scales found by using Cronbach’s alpha and confirmatory factor analysis. This is discussed in the instruments area of the Methods section. The main part of the study seeks to gain insight into the academic and athletic identity of student athletes and if and how that identity relates to student’s academic and athletic self-efficacy. A sample of 108 current Division I Student-Athletes at a large southeastern university were administered a series of three short surveys which asked questions about their athletic and academic identity, as well as their academic self-efficacy and their athletic self-efficacy. Analysis involved determining the relationship between the identity and self-efficacy of student-athletes, and analyzing other factors that influence this relationship. Findings revealed that student-athletes at this institution possessed high levels of academic and athletic identity, as well as high academic self-efficacy and athletic self-efficacy. A slight positive correlation was found between academic identity and self-efficacy as well as athletic identity and self-efficacy. Furthermore, a positive correlation between academic self-efficacy and performance was found, supporting prior literature claiming that self-efficacy is related to performance. Finally, demographic factors impacting mean scores and correlations are discussed.



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