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Integrated primary and behavioral health care (PBHC) programs in community mental health (CMH) settings is a topic of burgeoning interest in the current literature. These settings aim to counter the health discrepancies and inordinate mortality of persons with serious mental illness (SMI) and comorbid medical conditions. Within the SMI population, the most prevalent diagnosis is Major Depression (MDD). MDD has been well studied in the literature and has been associated with increased rates of physical health conditions. Research has correlated higher levels of social support to lower levels of psychological distress and increased physical health. This cross-sectional, descriptive study examines interrelationships among physical health, health-risk factors, psychosocial characteristics, and social support in individuals with the mood disorder MDD who are receiving integrated care in community mental health settings. A de-identified data set was utilized to examine results of 407 individuals with MDD receiving integrated PBHC in CMH settings. An integrated PBHC data set is a relevant addition to the research on MDD and social support because neither of these areas has been adequately addressed in the previous literature. The results have implications for not only the impact of social support and treatment of MDD but for the increased implementation of these programs.



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