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This video is an abstract audiovisual narrative. It relies heavily on its lush compositions to seduce the viewer. “Pulse” depicts humanity not as the strong rational rulers of the earth but instead as a tormented figure that struggles to find security in an uncertain world. The three characters, Blood, Lava, and Electricity, represent the human animal, the natural world, and civilization respectively. Blood struggles against both Lava and Electricity in their rivalry for control. The plot shows humanity developing a relationship with civilization, all the while being harassed by unpredictable nature. Civilization at first is a path to security. As the story unfolds, however, it becomes apparent that civilization is just as erratic. Humanity is losing itself to the very arrangement which we constructed to liberate ourselves from the chaotic animal world. My video is concerned with the false sense of control that civilization has created. This is portrayed by actors wearing costumes that embody the traits of each of the three characters. All of the sculpture, the costumes and the set, relate to the story’s themes in form, texture, and color. These aspects are heightened further by video editing filters that are superimposed over top of the action in post production. There is no dialogue. Instead, the narrative relies heavily on the body language of the actors, and the editing of the sequences to relate its story. The sound track underscores the mood with piano and linguistic textures to produce an overall haunting atmosphere.



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