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An experimental wind tunnel has been designed, built, outfitted with automated hot wire anemometry and laser sheet imagery systems methods of instrumentation and tested with the purpose of performing scientific research on the control and stabilization of a jet issuing 90 degrees into a crossflow. After the design and system characterizations were performed, the system was employed as a experimental platform to conduct an investigation of bulk flow modulation of a jet in crossflow. The Mean Blowing ratio investigated was set at 0.25, and the effect of duty cycle, peak to peak blowing ratio and frequency of excitation are investigated. It has been shown that various vortex structures are associated with the mixing characteristics of the jet with the crossflow. These structures are identified using laser sheet visualizations and hot wire anemometry to investigate the spectra associated with these phenomena. Two vortex structures and their interactions are detailed, specifically the Horseshoe Vortex and Ring Like Vortex. Forcing conditions and their effects on the jet in crossflow are presented in a comprehensive table which brings together spectral analysis, processed time records and high precision imagery in a effort to characterize and understand the complex three dimensional turbulent flow associated with the jet in crossflow.



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Dimitris Nikitopoulos