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Reality estranges as an encumbrance, a cage that traps with its clipped wings, layered veils, and stiff blankets. This hold subsists as an immovable vessel potted but never earthbound—mounted in a strained compartment, like jars with tight lids, lacking: in air, in breath, in imaginary attributes. Finally, with a last breath, an emergence blooms upon that which contextualizes momentary “reality” or rather that which defines a metaphorical escape from… actuality. My singular endeavor is to escape. My momentary escape is found in the illusory. My illusion is a perception of reality and with this perception I find my singular endeavor... escape. With this work, I want to shift the ever-changing, kaleidoscope imagery of what is seen and what was seen in which our initial perception reads differently when we fit together varying fragments of a photograph. In doing so we look for not what is reality, but that which we have been primed to look for something false. Surrounded by enigmatic narratives, the works reveals two sides of peripeteia moments. Interrupting these works as fictions or to create a notion of fantasy that is read as purely theater exposes that escape is inevitable regardless of circumstance, but in which way we meet with escape is veiled in darkness. May all those who proceed ahead become a player in the works of their own accord…



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