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Mime is a collection of prose, poems, prose poems, and lists that uses its hybridity of form to explore issues of sexuality, bodies, and gender: how we see and define the self, how we communicate and how we are (still) silenced. The book falls in and out of personas—largely borrowing from Ovid’s metamorphosis, the ultimate source of womens' bodies changing form in relation to perceived sexuality—but it is also clearly just one voice, one narrator, taking on various thin masks with which to address her sexuality and her self. Like Ovid’s girls, the speaker continually changes into something else: a tree, a landscape, a woman in a wooden cow suit, a housewife, an anorexic, a Siren, a landscape, a victim, a woman, a rib. Part poetry, part stories, part autobiography, Mime looks at the connection between the body and its various appetites, and asks why it is sometimes easier to deny all hunger completely, or morph into something entirely new, than to face head-on the complicated territory of our desire.



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