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At the dawn of time the gods created heaven and earth. The creator of the moon joined with the creator of the sun and together they produced the first Empress. She is the embodiment of all that is good and holy. She is the spiritual guide to all the tribes of man. The tribes are ruled by men. When one man, Baron Stier, rises above the others he is crowned Archduke. He rules in the Empress’s name and his dynasty lasts for half a millennia. Upon the discovery of the land beyond the sacred islands the dynasty falls. And tribes enter into a period of civil war. The civil wars represent an unstable time. Barons of the tribes fight among themselves for generations with no real gain. But one day through strong virtue and miraculous fortune young Indar finds the strength to unify a nation. This is the second dynasty. His first order is to strip the people of their weapons. His second order is to redistribute the land so the tribes closest to him are the tribes that are the most loyal to him. It is a bold plan, but it is the order that sews the seeds of revolution. The anger of the disenfranchised smolders for two hundred years. Because the tribes are sealed off from the outside world a strong and popular black market arises. During a certain illegal transaction Baron Reisht comes to possess a flashlight. It is a technology that is so far beyond anything he has seen, he becomes afraid. In a rare and special moment, something akin to genius, he understands that his country, his home, is in grave danger. The creators of this technology could conquer the tribes at their leisure. Baron Reisht will not let that happen. The Baron, with unholy determination, marshals his forces and brings to the people he intends to protect destruction on an order they have never before seen. But he is successful. He captures the throne and establishes the third dynasty. On the day of his triumph his greatest fears come true.



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