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Spring 2016


Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture

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The issue of Shikumen is the confliction between urban development and historical value preservation. And the historical value can be better understood with Chinese modern history behind, especially the concession part (an area ruled by foreign countries and don't have the independent rights on economy, politics and military (18, Li)). Because of the historic reason, the residents were made of three main streams, which were international stream, national stream and local movement. Those residences brought their culture into the concession and created a “melting pot”. This melting pot cultural phenomenon was shown in building design of Shikumen. However, with the intensive urban development, the current state of Shikumen is becoming affordable residential area and gradually demolished due to low economical value. With the disappearance of Shikumen, some people start realizing the historical value of the Shikumen. Many solutions were proposed to save the trace of historical path. Two representative solutions were Xintiandi and Tianzifang. Xintiandi is a government-­‐driven mix-­‐use project, which re-­‐modified the buildings with similar architecture style. Tianzifang residents-­‐driven project and was developed into a commercial tourism site. Both solution share similarity by redefining the function of Shikumen in historical perspective to enhance the economical value and follow urban development. However, in the process of commercialization, Xintiandi lost its authenticity because of removing Shikumne’s original residential life. Tianzifang initially remained its identities of original residential life, which attracted lots of tourists. However, the high dense tourist activities interruption causes the loss of residences, which used to be the most attractive part of this place. In the other word, it lost its sustainability. In order to maintain authenticity and sustainability, a new model about Shikumen’s preservation and development is proposed.



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