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To encourage increased stability in declining neighborhoods, government planning agencies and other land developers, continuously search for solutions to improve the quality of life for people living in communities in need of revitalization and a boost to their local economy. Studies have shown that well developed greenways and other public open spaces are improving the economic stability for many neighborhoods. Consequently, it is the creation of successful parks and public open spaces that have been found to be the first steps to improving such communities (The Trust for Public Land). If creating parks is the key to saving neighborhoods, can a park’s design features increase its chances for success, while acting as a catalyst in the movement toward revitalization? Currently in New Orleans, Marigny and Bywater have been targeted as sources of opportunity to test this theory by taking steps to improve their communities through the development of additional public open spaces. Parkway Partners and the Trust for Public Land are negotiating the purchase of a six-block tract of railroad corridor that bisects Bywater near the eastern boundary of Marigny. Their specific objective is to develop a linear park in partnership with the New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways. Parkway Partners hopes that developing a park will improve the quality of life for the residents and initiate improvements for Marigny and Bywater (Parkway Partners). The intent of this thesis is to develop a new park design for the linear park to be developed along the Press Street corridor. The primary objective is to stimulate improvements within these communities by providing design ideas that have utilized history as the source of inspiration in the development of a park. These design ideas forges distinct historical and cultural links that the community can recognize. No one can truly predict what type of design elements will make a park successful. However, this project does offer creative ideas that could be used to improve that possibility.



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