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Since its emergence in 1970s, process intensification has been attracting extensive research interests from both academic and industrial societies over the years. One good example of process intensification in chemical industry is the optimization of flow distributors. In many chemical processes, the uniformity of flow distributions plays the key role in determining the overall efficiency. Conventional distributors rely on high pressure drop to achieve acceptable flow distribution. With scaling symmetry from fractal, fractal distributors can handle fluid distribution much better than conventional distributors. With the rapid development of computation power and numerical simulation algorithms, Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) provides us a better understanding of physics in chemical industries. This thesis is seeking to achieve process intensification by designing a novel ion-exchanger with fractal distributor. Residence time distribution test has been conducted to study the design of fractal distributor. CFD simulations help to gain insights on fluid flow inside the device and offers optimization on fractal distributor for flow distribution uniformity. Coefficient of Variation has been used to estimate distributor performance.



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