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The vector-competency and its affinity for humans make C. quinquefasciatus an important target of mosquito abatement programs. Whenever such control programs are implemented, protocols to monitor frequencies and mechanisms of resistance to the insecticides used are necessary to optimize the efficacy of the management strategy and to slow development of resistance to the insecticides used. In the current study, susceptibilities to the two adulticides used by EBRMARC (naled and resmethrin) were monitored using field-collected mosquitoes and a topical and contact bioassay, respectively. My hypothesis was that esterase-mediated enhanced metabolism conferred resistance to both insecticides in populations of C. quinquefasciatus from EBR Parish. To test this hypothesis, esterase activities from field-collected mosquitoes were monitored using a model substrate, and esterases were visualized using native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. In addition, naled was tested as a synergist of the toxicity of resmethrin to further explore the relationship between esterases and increased frequencies of resistance, and to examine the use of naled as a possible countermeasure to resmethrin resistance. The results from this study will allow management strategies for populations of C. quinquefasciatus to be optimized, and provide a foundation for further studies exploring esterase inhibitors as synergists of pyrethroid toxicity.



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