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The thesis project called for the MFA candidate to create a one-person show of originality and entertainment between 25 minutes and 45 minutes in length. This thesis, submitted to the Graduate School of Louisiana State University as partial requirement for graduation with the Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, follows the creation of a solo performance piece by Kristina Sutton, called “Trash the Dress.” The thesis includes inspiration for creating this solo performance piece, initial correspondence between the MFA candidate and consultants, research material and a copy of the script, personal reflection on writing and rehearsal challenges, photos from the production and a conclusion revealing artistic and personal growth achieved in creating this show and what the artist hopes to do next with this production. This solo project is a performance art piece exploring the expectations of marriage and how the union is often overshadowed by the celebration of that union, the wedding. Monologues reveal how weddings are often put on a pedestal by not only brides, but also wedding industry vendors and society, creating exceedingly high standards for all involved. “Trash the Dress” examines when those expectations are and are not met on both the wedding day and the marriage itself. Inspired by trash the dress (TTD) art, the artist incorporates her own photography into the piece through projections and fine art prints of her work, as well as a live trash the dress session with audience interaction. In deconstructing and destroying the gown, the audience, together with the performer, creates something new each night, a new piece of art.



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