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Rum contains a large number of compounds that contribute to the complex aroma, some of which present in a very small amount. This fact represents a problem for the use of chemical analysis as a way to ascertain the quality of rum and to determine differences in rums products. Descriptive sensory analysis techniques can be useful in such circumstance, not only because they are easier to achieve, but because they give valuable information on the actual perceived aroma of the products. The first part of this work consisted of the development of lexicon for describing rums. A group of 5 semi-expert judges evaluated a variety of 15 commercial rums from different origins, raw materials and processing conditions, and created consensually a list of 33 terms with description useful for describing the aroma, flavor, and taste of rums. The second part of the work was focused on the creation of a method used to describe the aroma of different rum products, to discriminate among different rums, and to relate the perceived aroma of the samples prepared from different processing protocols. Using a group of 12 trained panelists, a modified descriptive analysis technique for the evaluation of rum aroma, and the adequate descriptors and references that were generated, it was possible to describe and discriminate rum samples. The results obtained from the evaluation of the 9 different commercial rums and one experimental sample can be used to relate the perceived aroma of the different rum samples to their processing protocol. Among the many possible applications of this study is the use as a tool for quality control, new product development, and brand identification. The information obtained from the description of the products can also be a useful tool for marketing purposes.



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