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Study of decomposition of the active power into components with deeper economical meanings, namely working active power, reflected active power, and detrimental active power is the subject of the thesis. The decomposition of active power will be based on the Current’s Physical Component (CPC) Theory. Working active power is equivalent to useful power that is the rate of energy used to do work, such as mechanical power. Reflected active power is the rate of energy transfer that the load sends back to the supply which dissipates off the supply resistance. This reflected active power is not taken into account on traditional power meters and the utility is not compensated for the power sent to the load to generate the reflected active power. Detrimental active power is the power that the supply sends to the load that is not considered useful power. The traditional power meter takes into account detrimental active power and the customer is paying for power that does not convert to useful work and potentially harming equipment. Working active power shows that the standard definition for active power does not fully take into account all economical responsibilities. With active power decomposed into economical components, the economic responsibilities can be accounted to the correct party.



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