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Hip-hop music and its place in education has been thoroughly researched over the last two decades by many scholars and educators from all over the world. This research paper discusses hip-hop’s merit in the classroom, building upon prior research from books and journal articles, along with my own research that I conducted with students at a southern Louisiana high school. Educators in the field of language arts must find new methods when it comes to teaching our youth and leave behind many of the traditional ways that previous generations were accustomed to. The idea of hip-hop in education, in this paper, is that it is a genre of not only music, but also history and it is able to teach, promote discussion, and make connections to students’ lives in a realistic way. Hip-hop can also parallel classic literature and can serve as a model for discussing current and historic events. This research was conducted over a 4 month span, but in all actuality, the process of reviewing the literature to concluding results takes place over a year’s time. Hip-hop can be a discourse that teaches youth through not only lyrics, but also from a historic and pop cultural perspective. The intentions of this paper are to make its readers aware of the power of hip-hop and its ability to engage our youth and keep them interested school and promote encouragement and enlightenment.



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