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School-based interventions are typically implemented based on a Response to Intervention model, i.e., a 3-tiered support system. Tier 1 provides universal support for all students; Tier 2 targets children who are at risk for developing problems; Tier 3 focuses on remediation for children with severe problems. The interventions in Tier 2 are important because they provide an opportunity to access children before their problems become critically dysfunctional. Check in/Check out (CICO) is a Tier 2 intervention that has been evaluated for children with externalizing behavior problems. In the current CICO literature, parent involvement during CICO integrates school and home life, but the specific effects of parent involvement have not been evaluated with adequate treatment integrity. The current study evaluated the differential effects of parent involvement on CICO. The Brief Behavior Rating Scale, a 12-item change sensitive problem behavior scale, was the dependent measure used to evaluate parent involvement. The effect of parent involvement was evaluated using a reversal design (A-B-A-C). The current study hypothesized that children would show lower levels of problem behavior when parent-based reinforcement was implemented, rather then mentor-based reinforcement, in CICO. Results showed that students responded to the CICO intervention, however it was only effective for certain participants. Mentor-provided reinforcement CICO was more effective than parent-provided reinforcement CICO, and there was a strong correlation between the Brief Behavior Rating (BBR) and the Daily Progress Report (DPR). Results are discussed and the studies limitations were considered.



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