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As an approach to mitigate the harmful effects of Urban Heat Island (UHI), the use of glass cullet in the production of asphalt roof shingles has the potential to be employed as a cool roof strategy. The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that the use of recycled glass increases solar reflectance index (SRI) without affecting the performance of asphalt roof shingles. In order to evaluate the feasibility of recycled glass for alternative uses, the engineering properties of glass cullet were investigated and compared to conventional aggregates used in the production of asphalt roof shingles. Laboratory samples were then prepared in order to measure solar reflectance properties and strength performance of conventional and recycled glass roof shingles. It is shown that while the use of recycled glass as a replacement to standard ceramic coated black roofing granules on the top surface of asphalt shingles results in an increased SRI, the addition of white pigment powder (anatase ultra fine particles passing mesh #320) mixed together and applied with the surface granules improves reflectance values to meet the cool roof threshold.



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Hassan, Marwa