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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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A rapid growth of automatization nowadays requires electric machines to be adjusted to any technological process. Therefore, a need in machines with two degrees of mechanical freedom (TDMF), which can operate rotationally and linearly, is relatively large. This thesis is directed on the design and study of performance of PM (permanent magnet) rotary-linear synchronous motors with twin-armature as a new type of electric machines which can perform linear, rotational and helical movements. Three stator versions are considered, namely: stator with rotary and linear armatures, two rotary armatures, and two linear armatures. The rotors have PMs skewed with respect to the axial direction. An analysis of motor performance and an influence of PMs skewing on torque and axial force as well as cogging torque are considered. Calculations are based on 2D and 3D FEM (Finite Element Method).



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Mendrela, Ernest