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The city of Lafayette, Louisiana is on the threshold of developing a major transportation artery (the I-49 corridor) that will allow non-stop traffic flow through the city. The southern boundary of Lafayette, which is currently inhabited by industrial based business (oil service companies, storage yards, restaurants, and truck lines), will be intersected by this interstate. The area is not visually pleasing and needs direction to create a setting that reflects the unique personality of Lafayette. In recent years, landscape architects and planners have begun to employ a method of zoning called overlay district landscape ordinances and overlay zoning districts to help supplement zoning in already developed areas. The standards found in overlay ordinances work to encourage thoughtful design and land use compatibility. This thesis has two purposes. The first was to develop a model landscape overlay zoning district ordinance for the six-mile area along US Highway 90 between Albertsons Drive, in Broussard, Louisiana and Kaliste Saloom Road, in Lafayette, Louisiana. Through consulting other similar ordinances, site exploration, and study, a model ordinance was formulated. The primary goal of the landscape overlay ordinance was to unify several different land use types found in the project area into a “green” gateway to welcome visitors to the area. The second objective of this thesis work was to document the process followed in creating the landscape overlay zoning district ordinance. This process will be useful for other cities working to formulate similar overlay ordinances of their own. The resultant material produced by this project includes a model landscape overlay zoning district ordinance and the process of design employed during its creation. The ordinance is a four-part document that includes the purpose, intent, applicability, design standards, and administrative procedures to be followed in the project corridor. Careful documentation of the process of data gathering and ensuing analysis for the project area are included as well. When combined, this information works to create a written design process for others to use in designing their own landscape overlay zoning district ordinances.



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