Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea




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A book-length project in which formal experimentation such as paronomasia, neologism, cut-out poems, photographic reproduction, photographs, and unconventional layouts, hold open space for sense-making strategies that are conventionally overlooked or which have yet to be explored. It is from the friction between multiple semantic meanings and sound that “the narrative’s lids flutter.” The character of this text, Haada, who is tracked by the I-author figure, is a multifaceted one. He is at once a friction, a “hum being,” subject and object, cultivator and thief. The text posits the sea across which Haada floats as the space of “clarity.” For this to be true, “clarity” must be understood not as a crystal goblet through which we receive understanding in an untroubled way, but an inherently unstable space in which meaning is always obtained by excluding another possible sense; a space in which one could drown if they got too close.



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