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This thesis refers to the EE 4490 Adjustable Speed Drives course, which is taught at Louisiana State University (LSU). The part of this course is variable speed AC and DC drives laboratory. The objective of this thesis is to modify the existing DSP Based Electric Drives Lab Manual developed by Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota in order to adjust it to the EE 4490 course syllabus and to verify the experiments by carrying out the tests on the lab equipment available at the Elec. & Comp. Eng. Dept at LSU. There are four major components, of the available lab equipment, which are used to perform all the lab experiments: Motor Coupling System, Power Electronics Drive board, DSP based DS1104 R&D controller and CP 1104 I/O board. The DS1104 R&D controller is programmed applying the Matlab/Simulink software and with the use of CP 1104 I/O board and Power Electronics Drive board the motor-load set is controlled. The thesis consists of two parts: - EE 4490 Adjustable Speed Drives Laboratory based on dSPACE controller Lab Manual, - Lab Report. The first part gives students the detailed introduction to lab experiments. The second part contains the results obtained from the experiments. The lab manual consists of eight experiments: - The first two experiments: Expt. 1 and Expt. 2 introduce students to modeling the dynamics of the system in Simulink (Expt. 1) and next, to model it in real-time and to perform the experiment using the dSPACE controller together with the Control desk (Expt. 2). - The Experiments 3 – 6 allow to learn students how to design the current and speed controllers for DC PM motor drive, to test them by modeling the whole DC drive system in Simulink and next, to control the system in real-time. - The last two experiments (Expts. 7 and 8) concern the characterization and V/f speed control of induction motor. By performing all lab experiments students can learn how to build simple dynamic model in Simulink/Matlab to more complex systems such as feed-back control of DC motor drive and V/f speed control of induction motor.



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