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In recent years, collaboration in supply chain approach widely discussed in the literature; but most have dealt with the two-echelon systems. This study focuses on the just-in-time delivery policy of three-echelon supply chain by collaborative approach, where any of the information from the supply chain is available to all the subsystems involved; manufacturer, distribution center and retailer. In the first part of the study a simple model has been developed for a three-echelon supply system that consists of a single manufacturer, a single distribution center and a single retailer. The other part of the study extends this model by considering a upstream integrated delivery supply chain system consisting of a single manufacturer, multiple distribution centers and multiple retailers. In both cases the retailer enjoys a permissible delay in payment. The joint annual cost of the supply chain is obtained by summing the annual relevant costs at all the subsystems. Using the convex property of the cost function, the optimum values of the decision values are initially obtained that minimizes the total cost. Then, these values are adjusted according to feasibility criteria of the credit conditions and other constraints using an algorithm. A numerical example illustrating the solution reveals that total supply chain cost is less by the presented collaborative approach compared to typical delivery policy. A sensitivity analysis also showed the robustness of the new model. This model considers lot-splitting and deferred payment simultaneously. That has not been studied for three-echelon system before. Future extension of this study involves assumption of random demand with cross-transfer delivery, unequal cycle time, shortage consideration, etc.



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