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Landscape Architecture is a field that is in process of development in Mexico. However, although empirically, the landscape was considered in the past as part of the human's environment, and this is the Mexican heritage. Thus, this heritage is important to considered because is part of the people's identity, and therefore, vital to protect. However, Mexico focuses its attention to the preservation of its' national heritage in the fields of architecture and fine arts, leaving without protective regulations and guidelines the field of landscape architecture. The following thesis intends to create awareness in people of the importance of the landscape and of the importance of the history of landscape architecture that has been happening in Mexico. To accomplish this task, the Casa Cristo, designed by Luis Barragán was chosen as a case study. This case study involved the development of the first part of a Cultural Landscape Report (CLR). Since Mexico does not have any protective laws for its' landscapes, to develop the CLR it was use guidelines and processes proposed by National Park Service in the United States of America. The study contributes to the field of preservation in Mexico, and to encourage the protection of Luis Barragán's work, specially the Casa Cristo.



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