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The applications of microstructures produced by the LIGA process are useful in a broad range of fields including: microfluidics, heat transfer, and mechanics. The Microsystems Engineering Team at Louisiana State University has used the LIGA process as a foundation for the team’s productivity in these areas. Many advances in the processes involved in producing these microstructures have been made in the past increasing the efficiency of the entire process. A modified exposure technique in the lithography stage of the LIGA process is being developed to produce microstructures with a draft angle as opposed to the standard straight walled structures. Electroformed mold inserts produced previously have encountered high ejection forces causing deformation or tearing of the molded products. The tapered sidewalls produced in the modified exposure mirror those already used in macro-scale injection molds, and will dramatically reduce the forces resulting in superior parts with improved cycle times. The two objectives that define this research project are: i) to successfully manufacture a LIGA high aspect ratio microstructure mold insert with tapered features, and ii) to use the manufactured mold insert and successfully mold and eject parts using a injection molding machine. A LIGA based mold insert approximately one millimeter in depth was produced with a three degree draft angle. This insert was then used with a injection molding machine to produce and efficiently eject cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) plastic parts.



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