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Currently, the aging state of the protection systems for industrial facilities is calling for a system-wide review of the equipment and the protection schemes used in all these places, calling for a new approach in the design and implementation of these systems. Some of these facilities house critical processes that can be seriously affected by a misoperation of equipment or a disturbance in the system, aspects ranging from safety of plant workers to millions of dollars in loss of production. In this thesis different contingency situations were explored for problems in the utility transmission system that could affect large industrial facilities with continuing critical processes. Different situations were analyzed including, but not limited to, disturbances caused by momentary short circuits and different types of faults in the system. In this thesis for each scenario, one communication aided protective scheme was developed to provide the best adaptive protection to meet the needs of the industrial plant and automatically adapt and protect the industrial facility, and basically keep the electric equipment running. The developed protection scheme then was verified in comparison between one test case using digital simulation by ASPEN ONELINER and using a DOBLE power system simulator on one open loop case simulation using a real scale model with real time data acquisition.



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Leszek S. Czarnecki