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Sascha Schneider was an artist that was incredibly popular, but only for a short time during his life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth- century. This thesis will discuss the life and work of Schneider, with special attention on the significance of the interpersonal relationships he developed, and the importance of these relationships to his artistic career. By tracing his early life in St. Petersburg, Russia and his transition to an established life in Dresden, Germany, one can obtain a sense of his early influences. In Dresden he received an Education from the Dresden Art Academy, and it was there that he made on of his most important friendships with artist Max Klinger. Klinger helped Schneider establish himself as a Symbolist painter, and introduced him to other artists who proved to be paramount to his success later in life. Schneider eventually teamed up with novelist Karl May, and was commissioned to created the covers for over twenty-five of May’s adventure stories. Through his work is May, Schneider’s art was placed in the hands of many young Germans. Later in life, Schneider created a school for boys, Kraft-Kunst, with friends Richard Müller and Hans Unger. This school focused on physical fitness and the creation of the perfect male form, while fostering the artistic talents of the young students.



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