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Indexing the genome is the basis for many of the bioinformatics applications. Read mapping (sequence alignment) is one such application to align millions of short reads against reference genome. Several tools like BLAST, SOAP, BOWTIE, Cloudburst, and Rapid Parallel Genome Indexing with MapReduce use indexing technique for aligning short reads. Many of the contemporary alignment techniques are time consuming, memory intensive and cannot be easily scaled to larger genomes. Suffix tree is a popular data structure which can be used to overcome the demerits of other alignment techniques. However, constructing the suffix tree is highly memory intensive and time consuming. In this thesis, a MapReduce based parallel construction of the suffix tree is proposed. The performance of the algorithm is measured on the hadoop framework over commodity cluster with each node having 8GB of primary memory. The results show a significantly less time for constructing suffix tree for a big data like human genome.



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